Welcome to Delivery Local

We built this platform so quickly it doesn't even have a proper home page yet!

What is Delivery Local?

Delivery Local is an innovative new online platform built by Kent based Warp Design to enable independent bricks-and-mortar retailers and hospitality businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to quickly, easily and affordably commence taking orders online for home delivery services.

When the Covid-19 lockdown hit, we knew we had to do something to help local businesses who suddenly needed to find a new way of serving their customers.

An alpha version of the site was put together in around 24hrs and simple stores (like this one for Stag Coffee) rolled out to local independent traders free-of-charge during the pandemic.

What next:

Delivery Local version 1.0 has proved a success, with our initial cohort of vendors taking hundreds of orders and processing tens of thousands of pounds worth of payments in a matter of weeks!

On the back of this success, we're now giving the hastily built platform a full makeover, adding new features and preparing it for a post-lockdown world. So stay tuned - version 2.0 launches imminently!

Get a Delivery Local Store for your business:

We're offering Delivery Local stores free of charge during the Coronavirus lockdown. If you would like to start taking orders online quickly and easily - call us today on 01233 884761 or email theteam@warp.design.